Portfolio of Jess Dale (from scratch v1)

11-17: Added PDF Preso for download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w7ejvlftxl2p9x1/JDale.pdf?dl=0


  1. Trashed Squarespace
  2. Transfer existing written content into text files
  3. Created new design concepts for layout
  4. Created github site/Pages and set up CNAME
  5. Set up site structure using middleman, bourbon, yaml

To do

  1. Set up header nav and link to the about page, resume, linkedin
  2. Get data file working
  3. Set up work template/get data file loaded
  4. Set grid and apply styles
  5. Add new work contents:
    • Quartet Patient Experience
    • NYC ACS Hackathon
    • Design Team Playbook
    • Pharmacist Drug Reference App
    • SaaS Platform User Research
  6. Get Pages to direct to the index page instead of the README (.nojekyll)